Presence is a present

To write this blog post was difficult but I had the idea but idea of this blog post came from when kids ask us to be in the audience during their concert presentations during the holiday seasons. Most years well every year we dread the thought of buying gifts. Well it’s not even the thought of buying gifts, it’s the thought of dealing with crazy shoppers throughout the holidays. Some may say they don’t even have money to purchase the perfect gift because it’s either the grand gift or our grand responsibilities like our rent and other bills. Instead of focusing on finding the perfect affordable gift which can be done with creativity but if you can find yourself scrambling for a physical gift. Become a gift. Be present for the holiday season. Be that person that someone looks forward to on holiday because of your holiday spirit. Travel to be someone’s gift of the year, with safety precautions ofcourse. The greatest gift I’ve seen from a family and loved ones that works miles and miles away is being together and even if you’re together everyday, it’s the best gift you can give someone, your companionship. If you don’t think so, think of someone who has someone in heaven, jail, miles and oceans or even that separated who wishes to not be separated of their loved ones. Especially those that are serving our country. As you’re being present this year, think of activities you can do together, like watching a Christmas movie together, playing a board or card games, enjoying a meal together, playing Christmas music obnoxiously loud, Take the time to appreciate their presences because they could be anywhere in the planet on earth but they decided to be with you. If this isn’t called love then I honestly can’t think of anything else that equals to that. Remember in times of the panorama we have to appreciate those surrounding us because this is creating separation to keep our society and loved ones healthy. Because of the panorama we’ve learned to appreciate our health mentally and physically , presence and many more little things that bring more meaning to our lives. Once the pandemic settles down which in other words is existent and so my bank statements can process it, my dream is to spend Christmas at Disney World and enjoy the Christmas spirit at one of the happiest places on earth where all your dreams come true. I grew up watching the Disney Christmas Day parade. It’s a tradition that I’ve had with my mom since I was a child. Although it was a parade the most important part was enjoying the parade with my mom from the television.. a tradition that I would like to experience in person while being present in time and enjoying my time there. Although I have many traditions and we all do, the point of the traditions is enjoying the company of our special one because this creates memories that years later we look back to and be like wow remember this or remember that, it was so much fun and this person and that person did that. The spirit of Christmas is being present together. As I’m writing this I’m watching a Christmas movie, the least I could do to keep the Christmas spirits up, the movie is Christmas chronicles and to not spill much of the movie the dad had passed away and now the kids are missing their father for the holidays and one of the kids are trying to keep it together and the other one is destroyed by not having their father for Christmas. My mother and I finished the movie and we’re watching places around the world with Christmas lights and decorations because traveling is up there and to be present in time in these places during the holiday is priceless, we’re currently mentally in Paris. It goes to show that the presence of someone is pure love to fill our hearts up. Home isn’t a place, it’s placed in the hearts we most love. We can be anywhere doing anything with our loved ones and it still adds up to being perfect with their presences. The message behind every holiday commercial and selling point of view is to bring togetherness throughout the holiday seasons and tradition just as much as going through the crazy holiday shopping madness. Who will be your Christmas companion this year even with the crazy panaroma Thank you for reading and supporting. Happy holidays! 

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