Grownup Christmas Wishlist

For the sake of keeping the holiday spirit alive for this blog post I’ve decided to write a letter to santa. We tell the kids to keep their imagination alive through their spirit throughout the holidays which helps all of us get through this to the very end. So here goes Mine.

Dear Santa, Hey, Hi. It’s been a minute since I’ve done this and that you probably heard from knowing this was the top of my to do list as a little girl growing up through the holidays. You’re probably wondering what I am asking for this christmas. Your thoughts on my list are a mansion, everything that involves a diamond, the latest tech product, tesla, the coolest iphone on the market, the most expensive thing in the market. However it may be true or not of what I want this Christmas this year to be honest I don’t know what to even ask for because what I want is for the world to be at peace with covid-19. To the point this is something we look back on and are able to enjoy the company of one another without the scarcity of getting or taking the risk of getting sick to ourselves and our loved ones or even worse, losing them. I hope we get to live in a society where we are kind to one another and begin to do what we love without capitalism being involved. I hope every hospital is an empty house while each dinner table is flooded with loved ones. May each child receive the Christmas present they asked for while visiting you at the mall while the adults share tears of joy and appreciate the company of one another. May those learn to set their boundaries and not feel bad with their family members and those family members learn to respect it without an explanation. May the kids fighting battling battles like cancer and other illnesses with a hospital gown or a weird medical history may god be by their side with strength, love, patience, hope and understanding. May the people who are in a shelter find warm homes in the new year. May those that had a hard year find light in the coming year, those that are working hard get to enjoy the fruits of their labors of this year. I hope lessons that carry with substance for us to carry throughout the years, may we hold onto memories that we made. If I was to ask for anything, I hope I am able to make an impact as a news anchor for the greater good of my career because I am starting to understand I will be starting and holding a legacy for many reasons. Not only in my career as an anchorwoman along with my blogging journey and everything I step my foot into. Just as much I look forward to being a good person within all my endeavors, I look forward to being kind and being a person I look forward to being as a child in our society. To pour into my cup and pour into others because I am willing too. My favorite quote is by Audrey Hepburn, In life you have two hands, one to help yourself, One to help others. I have to fill my cup with books, knowledge, love, understanding, care and so much more that I will learn along the way about what my cup will be asking to refill. Just as much I learn, I hope others learn what’s in their cup and what they will be pouring into it as well. Thank you for listening to my weird Santa letter because I genuinely don’t know what to ask for in a world where there is so much humanity needed in our society. Thank you for reading. I catch ya on the next one. Happy holidays, see ya on the next one .

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