Christmas spirit within us

The holiday spirit is joy. The holiday spirit is somehow misunderstood. The holiday spirit is not seen for what it is because it’s a feeling that comes from within. The feeling is sorta the same feeling as to being “in love” I’m guessing, don’t take my word for it. In my perspective it’s the way we view things and allow the spirit to run through us. It’s the way we feel about something. For example Some of us grinches who stole Christmas because the hope that has been left from within. Some are jolly during the holidays. As an adult, I look back to my childhood around the holidays and let me tell you something. The experience I grabbed from it wow. My mom did the best of her ability to keep the spirit alive and with my faith in believing it was made to be magical. The reason why children believe in so many tales is because the world of imagination. The tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, Cupid, Santa Claus and many more holidays that are celebrated with a presentation of something or someone. The time is to be spent with family and loved ones. Some of don’t have the ones we once called home because distance in miles, feelings or even in heaven. For the time being be able to appreciate the holiday spirit with joy within your surroundings. Remember, your attitude

determines your altitude for the holiday spirit and don’t be a Debby downer if you don’t celebrate and others want too. If you would like to correlate the holiday think of creating new holiday traditions for yourself. As the years gone by, im not gonna lie it’s been hard to keep up or even make news because im always like next year will be better due to being an extra person all the time.However I’ve learn to appreciate being able to be annoyed about holidays with my health being good, safe and cozied up in a home with clothing and food. It’s a good thing to be able to look back and say I’m happy growing up my mom kept the spirit going around and I always wanted to add more as the years goes by but you know In 365 days I forget LOL. In order to look forward to this holiday season with the second year being corona, we can look forward to the food being made and being able to be home(place, a person, location) we get to dress up to being able to appreciate it. We get to do parties like pajamas, ugly sweater, Rudolph. We can attend holiday broadway shows like the nutcracker, watch lots of movies within the holiday spirit like home alone, the grinch. The warmth that comes from clothing because it’s snowing. I understand some of us are Jack Frost (holiday characters). We have to believe with our hearts that we can see at least one good thing we learn, like, enjoy or look forward to during the holiday season. The reason to my opinion why people don’t like the holidays is because of the shopping, marketing and the capitalism out of the holidays which is true and I understand. During the holidays we’re all trying to make the best out of it even if it’s corporate America. Also, the personal beliefs of religion behind Christmas. I respect it and understand why. Also people not liking the true meaning of Christmas. With all understanding I learned that too and because of all of this I became a grinch. Now, I look at Christmas with a different light like a kid. I’ll be enjoying the Starbucks holiday drinks, I will be watching all the holiday movies, singing all the songs, getting into the fun activities, decorating the Christmas tree, decorating the house with Christmas decorations , learning others traditions, creating news one and spreading joy one another. Ever since I was a child, I love Christmas shopping and creating Christmas present lists and other to do lists for the holiday spirit with my mom. I’m happy to say my mom created that holiday spirit that one day I get to share with my own very children and growing family to look at Christmas day . Thank you for reading, Happy Holidays, catch ya on the next one.

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