Grinches and Scrooges of Christmas

I’ve mentioned I don’t know what I am writing for the blog for the month of december due trying to be festive for the holiday season. I did not write anything for thanksgiving because I genuinely did not see any creative ideas behind it on social media. Majority of my blog posts come from the top of my head. I only have like three that’s written down so I don’t forget because of memory fog. Guys, Lately I’ve been on a roll and writing the second I get the ideas. I genuinely believe I am writing these blog posts cause half of them are just something else that not even I would have even thought of. I sometimes feel like a blind person and it’s him doing all the writing for me. Anyways back to this blog post cause ranting is what I do best. So as my mom is doing my hair, well unknotting it because curls are another world of its own, the thought of scrooge came to head and I am thinking there’s a lot of scrooges in this world. Like genuinely who become another character and forget who they truly are because life just changed their heart in order to survive the society we live in. I remember because I was an exciting little girl with lots of joy. I was that kid that wore lots of dresses, pretty hand bands, I remember my mom having to restock on my stockings all the time. Every holiday I was with the grandest dress, hairstyle and matching purse. I loved it. I was the princess to my mothers castle and that was fine. Then, I started to felt like that because I had to prove to people I was fine like everyone else. Then I started wearing jeans to events and that’s when I felt like the poof of me left because I wanted to be like my cousins lol. This goes to show we do anything to fit in than to stand out. Anyways we are all like this and we all have scrooges within us. This little girl in me reminds me of the little kid that’s sick in the movie and passes away. Because of this movie I genuinely believe I always kept the christmas spirit alive and to always try to be up and spirited because I was told at a young age I wasn’t going to have a long life and what I did was carry the spirit within me so when people come across me they remember the spirit i had in me with them no matter if I was living until old and grey or short living. I skipped the middle part and became negative because obstacles started to overcome me. Well that was the middle part, I became defeated, weak and lost. The last good Christmas I had was 2017/18 but the really good Christmas was when I was a kid. I just remember the holidays being different because of the emphasis my mom put on the holidays for me. However I had to continue with them. So after like the sixth/seventh grade there was a shift in my life. I tried having the spirit but it wasn’t as heavy as I was as a kid. Like the scrooge states I had to honor Christmas with my heart. I wasn’t in the holiday spirit because I wasn’t excited for the Christmas movies, themes and activities. All I cared for was the meals my mom made. I became like everyone else. In high school it was there because my mom provided it but my heart wasn’t all there. Now in 2021 we celebrate the holidays, events and everything. We create traditions and memories. They don’t know how to create themselves if we aren’t proactive. We aren’t allowed the things that make us happy because we’re filled up with bills, responsibilities. I get it, capitalism got us wrapped up in a way where some of us can’t get out because we need shelter, clothing and food. However we should allow ourselves to enjoy things that pertain to the holidays and in our daily events. We got lost, broken, forgotten, dismissive and so much more about the true meaning of the holidays. People will be screaming its all modern day marketing and advertised holidays. So? Okay? The whole point of the holidays is to come together. Coming together to feel the company of one another in matters of celebrations. If you want or are able to buy the person a gift, gladly do so. A small gesture is a token to someone’s heart. That’s how this movie is seen in my eyes. The scrooge had to work and forgot about those surrounding him and left him lonely and alone. He had the poorest family working for him and they still made sure they kept their spirit alive.Like the grinch, Among those that surrounded him that loved doing the Christmas festivities because it was something that made him grinch because he felt left out for being different from the rest. The grinch left the town and became the biggest hater of christmas that he created the thought of stealing christmas and because of the little girl who had hoped in him to being part of the town and enjoy the holidays just as much as everyone and turns out he ended being the biggest christmas lover because he allowed those to understand him. A Lot of us are the grinch and scrooge buried in not believing in the Christmas spirit because of the past that has done to us and we then become the past that hurt us . I do believe in understanding the pain and the lesson behind it, create boundaries but don’t become these characters knowing we are greater with our hearts because you will be missing out on the biggest joy of our lives. All the cheesy stuff makes the holidays special because it would be a dull world if we don’t create fun and excitement without these things. Thank you for reading and Happy holidays, you guys keep my christmas spirit alive because I wanted to pull through with the holiday content. Catch you in the next one<3

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