Today you have full of excuses, and tomorrow leads to a life of bullshit

Hey, Guys on this blog post we are going to rewind back to when I wrote this on October 16. See you in the next post, Thanks for the support!

Today you have full of excuses, and tomorrow leads to a life of bullshit. In life, nobody wants to hear excuses. The same way you pick up the iPad, pick up a book and draw the line. This is what I heard someone tell their kid on the bus on my way home from being with my brother. She was preaching on the bus and was lecturing him, and although she was talking to him, I felt like she was talking to me too and the whole bus because I’ve allowed so many excuses to get in my way of succeeding in things I want to try and accomplish. I felt like it could’ve resonated with many, whoever was listening to the conversation. She notice he was quick to pick up the iPad, and the iPhone, turn on the tv, and not do what is necessary to improve his grades because his teacher called out on his grades. She said, back to the basics. As Humans, we allow things that are entertaining and easier to do because we think it’s the best way, however, without knowing that, we are giving ourselves excuses to not complete the thing, goal, and or task. 

As she was talking to him, I literally created a mental note of the excuses I was giving myself, others and things in my life. The things I want to accomplish and where I am at. I know there is so much more out there for myself yet I am not doing the diligence to complete everything I have to do. I want to be a blogger, youtuber, get good at make up, dress better, READ MORE!. The other things I mention I am always slacking because Im always like I can start at anytime but should start TODAY!. I have a grammar issues ask me if I am doing anything about it? No. I am just complaining and not doing anything about it because of the excuses I give myself. There is no better time but to discipline ourselves but TODAY. The mom mentions to her kid oh your boss isnt going to like you’re coming to work late, giving half work and not completing the responsibilities of your job. She told him going back to the backs. No more ipad, iphone tv. Reading and homework only. Although she seems the mean one and the mom thats too strict she is letting him know this will reflect his future and how does things. How you do one thing is the way you do everything!. That quote has always stuck to me because I notice the patterns in my life that are all the same. I am quick to be scrolling on social media, helping others, on the internet. The excuse you give yourself is the lifestyle you will live. 

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