People picking our petals

Hey guys,

So for this blog post, I got this idea from my mom. We were chatting as she cooked and cleaned one day. She brought up the topic of the plants. Specifically, she was talking about the plant she has in her kitchen, that it was once filled with gorgeous flower petals and that the person who had given her the flower as a gift asked about the flower’s growth. The person was checking in because the flower was once hers, but she could not take care of it and give it the proper TLC it deserves. In response, mom told her yes… but the truth is, ladies and gentlemen… The flower is beautiful, but it has not reached its fullest potential because people would come and take petals from the flower to grow their own. My mother has seen the flower grow beautifully in other people’s homes while her plant isn’t growing as beautifully as the other flowers. Her flower was not growing because people came and ripped off their petals without permission. Just thinking of this makes me want to grow flowers of my own *Happy face*. I will have a garden in my castle one day, lol. 

Anywho, the flower hasn’t grown into its fullness, even with the love and dedication that my mom gives it. So once my mom told me this story, it instantly clicked with me to tell you guys about it. I was so sad when she said to me about it all. I was like, wow, don’t allow people to pick on you to build themselves up. It’s great to empower one another because we get to build together. However, picking on others to make a brighter self is not okay. We are allowed to admire and express the beauty of others, but I didn’t think it was okay for these people to come. The more we pick on others to grow our garden, the more their garden leads to falling apart because others keep ripping them apart to create their own.  

It’s like walking down the street and seeing a pretty flower on the grass and taking all the petals from it because we find the beauty the flower brings and would like to have some of it. The correct thing is to leave it there so it can grow beautifully instead of picking on it. The second you pick on it, it will die without giving it the proper care it needs and deserve to grow to its fullest potential if you like it. Get seeds of it, Soil it, take care of it and watch it blossom on its own. Admire the beauty you got to be part of the growth it prospers. Teach people your boundaries and let them know how to healthy interact with you by finding ways to love, support, and guide you in your journey. 

If I was my mom in this situation, I would’ve told them to buy the plant where it is available for purchase instead of taking the pedals of the flowers. The flower deserved to blossom but didn’t because people kept picking on it. It wasn’t given a chance to grow the way it deserves. Got to be protective and not allow others to come into your garden and play with what’s yours. 

This story reminds me of girls that allow men to come and just take advantage because they aren’t aware of their actions. Simple because they believe in the good of others, but there are times we have to let others not play with us, even if there are times of loneliness.

As humans we give so much that we don’t know how much we’re giving until we realize the brokenness within us. It takes times to learn and to heal. I hope we do the same with ourselves as humans. To love, care and nurture for ourselves just as much we do for others!. Not allowing to pick us apart because they think it’s okay to do so.

Thank you for reading, hope to see you on the next one, peace! Thank you for the support. I gladly appreciate it! Toodles xoxo

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