I in Happiness

Happiness is held with a deeper meaning in society than what it truly means. I personally think people hold it like a baggage of rocks yet it’s a thin paper, lightweight. Everyone around the globe wants to feel happiness in whatever state they’re in, in life. No matter the age, time, situation and place. However,we’re so consumed in the validation of others and  try to be accepted to fit in that we haven’t looked at what truly makes us happy. The weight of OUR happiness is held in the hands of others. We expect people to treat it like a porcelain doll, however we tend to forget people fall, not take care of it with maintenance, let it drop or someone can take it from their hands. Happiness is the state of being happy. So we have to find that state of mind to feel happiness. Also, we have to remember we have to create habits, goals, and routines that lead to our happiness. As the title of the blog, Happiness has I. What I mean is we, ourselves and YOU have the ability to make yourself happy. You have to begin when you wake up, continue with your day and till you lay your head at night you decide these happy moments and you create them. My blog is one of my happiness, it’s part of its definition of happiness in my book-. however I feel other feelings that are not just happiness, I feel excitement, fulfilled, calm, peace. Just as much feeling stressed, overwhelmed and many headaches but good headaches. I say this with genuine heart, you are going to feel other feelings than feeling happy. There is joy, confident  excitement, freedom, peace, and adventurous. These feelings and many more that I most likely  can’t think of at the moment connect to happiness but there are feelings like sad, scared, uncomfortable, disappointed, depressed , surprised to name a few that you are going to feel in life. Why? Because you’re human and you are going to encounter different kinds of events that define for. You aren’t a robot that is only going to feel happiness. It’s like having christmas 365 days everyday, it would sound like a good idea but at one point you are going to feel bored and exhausted from having christmas everyday. What you can do is make everyday feel like a holiday to appreciate the days but other than that, Feel your feelings and it’s okay to be upset, sad, exhausted. It just means you’re living out different moments of your life. Also, what you can do as you create happy moments, remember happy memories in your heart so you can go back to that feeling of happiness whenever you need a pick me up.  

So being happy is a state of mind for the goal for whatever reason but throughout the process you will feel other feelings leading to Happiness. Also, you can help find the definition of happiness for them but you cannot be their definition because then you will feel the weight and pressure of constantly making them happy and if you do want to make them happy just as much they make you happy then you can be their raindrop in the ocean because their definition can be different that what you can help with. Like my favorite states from Audrey Hepburn In life you were given two hands, one to help yourself and another to help others. You can help someone feel and be happy however the more you give the more your battery will run out and you drain out all of your own happiness and you will be defeated and start questioning why aren’t you happy. Times like that happen that I have seen happen when mothers give and provide so much of their time, love, dedication and so much of their energy that they tend to forget who they are and being a mother has become so much of their identity that they forget who they were before being a mother.Also, when people get into romantic relationship and being in a relationship becomes their identity and they forget who they are as an individual aside from the relationship. Any kind of relationship you are in whether it’s romantic, platonic, family, neighbor or friend should enhance your happiness and not take away from your happiness and not only become your source of happiness.  Your happiness is the definition of what makes YOU happy and who adds to it. Go into that discovery road of what is your happiness, we are all on that road. I hope you find your own definition of what happiness means to you. In the comments below tell me what makes you happy?.


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