Be intentional within this year

First of all I would like to begin this blog post by saying happy new year. I hope your holiday break and season was an eventful one and all things you were in need of whether it was rest, company, excitement and eventful to the fullest and if it wasn’t I want you to know that it’s okay to feel glooming on holidays because you wasn’t feeling like it, trauma that the holidays as caused for you in the past or because you missed someone that isn’t around any more. So with that being said, I wholeheartedly believe that this year’s word is intentional. Being intentional. It was a word that I felt came from my heart and after that I saw it all over social media like it was my go to sign to write about being intentional in this new year that brings us also writing a blog post of being intentional to hold myself accountable . The past year or so I don’t know how far you’re counting back but I know we’ve been blinded as to what is happening and because of covidities we’ve learned to appreciate our health and loved ones. However we have not been intentional with our actions as to doing things because our primary issue is instant gratification. Being intentional in 2022 will allow us to be present with our actions and be genuine as to how we move as well. I looked up the definition of intentional and it means done on purpose; deliberated. In others it was planned. So with that being said, plan things and take actions in 2022 that allow you to be genuine to yourself and those around you and do so with a kind heart. I’m not saying do not become a mat so everyone can step all over you. Doing a lot of Things can overwhelm and you end up stressed about doing things because you have a kind heart. Like Justin Biebers said in his song intentions featuring Quavo he’s expressing what are his intentions with the girl he’s singing to in the song as to what he sees in her. Like this song tells people your intentions with them and you can ask them what their intentions are with you and based on the measure of the conversation you decide in your 2022 and moving forward if this is what you want to continue to plan to have this action of behavior in your life. Not only you can be intentional with people, you can be intentional with yourself and how you live meaning you can financially live off differently than you expect and I mean that in a good way. Meaning the debt you owe or living paycheck to paycheck can be something of the past and if your finances and the people around you are intentional be intentional as to not being toxic to yourself. I looked up the word intentional on youtube and the word sparks a different perspective as to the word. Videos like being intentional with your relationship with god and praying. Also, how intentional he is to his children. Being intentional with yourself allows a reflection to alter your lifestyle and how you view yourself. Being intentional about the things you want can help you decide what kind of life you want instead of doing things without a plan can lead you in a disaster. At times this works out for the best however you need to be intentional about yourself and the life you live. If you don’t, you’ll be in the same place you was a year ago. Don’t let the years go by without taking the proper actions you’ve desire to live by because you see it as a cloud that’s unreachable. Being intentional with what you eat as well helps with ourselves in our health. Well, thank you for reading. Whatever word fits your year I hope intentionally good for you and those around you. I look forward of going through this new year together. In the comments below, let me know what word fits best for your 2022? What kind of intentions you desire to have within this year?.

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