Overcoming Triggers

 Someone once said “Avoid your triggers”, and I say face your triggers because if you can face it you can conquer much more in life.Hold on a minute before you go ahead and say your triggers can’t be faced at times. Okay, I get it that there are  some triggers that should not be played with. The triggers I am talking about are the ones that should not leave you with imposter syndrome. Staying in one spot for the rest of your life because you’re afraid of something that limits you from living your full potential life. 

I have a fear, a trigger that used to make me go crazy and go back to being a child. I used to be afraid of animals like cats and dogs. I remember I wouldn’t go into any household that had pets because my fear held me hostage. Because of this, I felt like my death depended on this. If  you wanted to see me cry as a child, just bring an animal. I was like the grumpy old lady every time I was around an animal.

 I was not animal friendly growing up. Because of the family dog named killer, may he rest in peace. I got used to being around animals. Even then it was a horrible experience for me growing up. I remember going to Florida at 12 years old, thinking that I was going to have the greatest time of my life. Only to find out that there was a dog where I was staying. I was in the room the entire time because I did not want the dog to be kept locked up so I locked myself up. I became a prisoner of my own vacation lol. You wanna know another thing? I am also afraid of clowns and people in costumes and heights. 

To be honest, I got stuck here at this thought for a while because I didn’t know what to start to write about. Not a thought nor a clue then as I have my computer sitting in front of my face while playing a game on my phone I guess as a distraction. I had a thought come to mind and it was the song triggered by Jhene aiko, which is a great song by the way. Long story short, the song is about Jhene being triggered by her boyfriend because of the breakup and he was there for her throughout the relationship and her personal life. Now they aren’t together he triggered her he was her friend and rocked with her through everything she experienced while being with him. Basically past hurt and trauma can trigger you through healing. Things can trigger you into past feelings and hurt because it’s a familiar place once you feel comfortable being in. Those feelings are there and they are real. You have to create new feelings to come out of the place of being triggered whether these are bad triggers or not. Remember, it’s like holding a snake and you want to overcome the feeling of being scared of snakes because it’s a bad trigger it brings you to. What you do remember it’s a thought of you being scared, it’s an animal that won’t harm you unless you show scarcity. I honestly don’t want anyone to come to me like ash. I have this trigger I can’t let go as easily as you think, I respect and understand you completely. However the triggers that I am talking about are the minimum stuff that eventually turns into a big thing.   only if this is what you were trying to say – We think we’re scared but it is really our minds expanding a small problem and exaggerating a bit.
Like me being scared of dogs. I respect people’s boundaries. The ones I am talking about, someone being afraid of small insects cough, cough my sister and she is afraid of needles, she would throw the biggest tantrum in the doctor’s office whenever the time came. My mom’s close friend is scared of elevators. One of my friends is scared of thunder. As you can see, many people are triggered by different things, places and people. Some people are triggered by thoughts like being told about an illness that they are so healthy. People can say triggering things as well like you’re too skinny, you’re too fat. You don’t eat or you eat a lot for example.  I am afraid of people in costumes, funerals like dead people, heights and a little bit of death. Yep, I said it. I am afraid of those things even if it’s a thing that doesn’t reflect my health. Also, saying anything about being skinny reminds me of how skinny my legs are because of my disability. I don’t like making appearance comments unless it’s to uplift a person or to describe respectfully. With that being said, what are some small triggers you guys have?. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it so much. Catch you on the next one. XOXO.

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