Tomorrow Isnt Promised

I just ran to my computer to write this after eating dinner, listening to music, having a mini jam session with my sister  and getting the house all settled down to quietness to write this. Since I am open and direct with you guys I am very organized when it comes to my writing pieces. And I was honestly in the mambo sauce trying to decide on what exactly to write for this month. What came to mind as I was thinking about what to write were all the regrets in life that turned into lessons. For example, not attending the Romeo Santos concert; that was one of the biggest regrets I have which you read in depth on another blog post. 

I was scrolling through social media as always and I came across a video where it stated a lady speaking and the only thing that sparked my interest was the caption. The caption stated “Tomorrow isn’t promised” and it was a reference to 9/11. I will take this time to apologize for not dedicating a blog post for the memorial of 9/11

I genuinely don’t like to speak on things that I don’t remember.  My mother can speak on my behalf. The only thing I recall was knowing my step grandfather worked after the incident and because of it he caught medical problems that later reflected upon his death in 2011. Hopefully for the next coming year, I am able to write to you a blog piece on my thoughts on 9/11. 

Back to my train of thought because I lost you guys there for a second. By the way, thank you for hanging in there, I appreciate it. Real support there while I had another cloud thought. ANYWAYS! BACK TO IT AGAIN before I LOSE IT on this train of thought. As I read the caption to this particular video, I thought of ways on how we take advantage of the thought that tomorrow we will wake up and conquer tomorrow.You guys have a great attitude and perspective people with much hope and faith towards tomorrow but let me tell you this, this will keep you in your comfort zone and or stressing what tomorrow brings you. It’s good to do things you’re comfortable with but it’s also okay to do things out of your comfort that will bring the best out of you. You have to work with what you have to get to your destiny and to be content if this is the last thing you’ve done for the day. 

Tomorrow isn’t promised, live today as if it is your last day because tomorrow you may not wake up. This will design your lifestyle to accustom to do your very best every day and to know your limits of how far you can allow yourself to go. Today, tomorrow and even with yesterday, I am okay with my legacy although I am an upcoming news anchor in the field, I did fulfill my dream of being a blogger. I am overjoyed everyday that I get to write and express my crazy thoughts, ideas and opinions with you guys. Knowing that I accomplished this, I am happy, it may not be a baby, a husband, a house, exotic travel sightseeing but it’s mine and I hope to continue my journey as a blogger with these milestones in my life. I have so much more to accomplish as life continues but there is a thought in process that anything at any moment can happen to me. Death is promised, we all have a date and time to go, wherever you think you’re going in this afterlife. 9/11 is definitely a life example as to why tomorrow isn’t promised. Hundreds of lives lost because of an incident that happened. 

Just a year ago I lost my high school bestie, the person I completed middle school with. His name was Joshua. He was a very sweet and kind person. Joshua had many more things to accomplish in his life just like you and I however he had passed away in his sleep a year ago. He didn’t pass because of covid, illness or due to a tragedy; He simply did not wake up from his sleep. To wake up is a blessing that many of us take for granted. Joshua isn’t the only person I’ve lost in my life due to death; my uncle named Angel also passed away in his sleep. Although he ate something that he was allergic to that could’ve been prevented with medication.  I also lost two co-workers that I haven’t seen since the pandemic, one of them being one of the first people to die of covid back in march 2020 and another one passing away because of an instant heart attack. A cuban movie shows a singer who dreamed of expressing his love for someone whom he loved dearly and he had passed away the night before he was supposed to meet up with his dear love. In my family, my primo hermano which means my cousin’s brother had lost his middle child at the age of four years due to a cancer tumor. It goes to show death does not discriminate based on age, money, lifestyle or anything in consideration. We go to doctors to push away our dates but never can avoid the day it truly comes. Like, the 911 deaths they thought they were going to have a normal day, a normal day that turned into a disaster without the chance of saying their goodbyes to their loved ones.  Right before I was ready to post this, My grandmother’s friend from church was given six months to live and lived up to three years. Then, she went to the doctors and was given three months to live and lived up to two to three weeks.May she rest peacefully. Remember, Tomorrow isn’t promised so make the best out of today. Thank you for reading, I appreciate it so much XOXO, Toodles.

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