Time goes by so quickly. Just ten years ago, I graduated from high school. Where has the time gone? I feel like all I did was blink a few times and now I am close to the age of thirty. At times I feel like I am still a kid because there were a lot of things we weren’t taught in grade school that I am catching up to, such as taxes, credit, bills, living independently and making my own doctors appointments. well while having my mom telling me the instructions as to what I am telling the other person as a three way phone line . For any little thing I am googling, watching a video on youtube or calling my mother on speed dial. Adulting snuck up on me like a tornado but I am taking it day by day.

As I stated times go by quickly whether you’re having fun, doing nothing or doing everything at once. Like being in a relationship with someone for ten years and you don’t see the impact until you’re reflecting on it. I usually notice when people say I’ve been with this person for X amount of years and I see how much of a bad influence they’ve been on a person yet with little amount of time with someone being reflected and how much of a major good influence they’ve been towards a person. Ciara is an American Singer who was in a relationship with a rapper called Future. Although she gave birth to a child for him that did not stop him from pursuing other women and continuously cheating on her while being engaged. After fourteen months of being engaged she had decided to end the relationship due to instability and focus on herself and her three month son. A year later she met Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson is a Football player for the seattle hawks. The relationship between the two has flourished throughout the years, their relationship started in 2015, engaged in 2016 and later in the year they got married, they had two more children while Russell has taken in his step son as his own. they’ve dated for the same or less amount of time than her relationship with future Russell added substance to their union. Although he does grand gestures and gifts he does put in the efforts as a partner with support, love and guidance. He expresses his love, and gratitude for his marriage and parenthood. Russell sets the example that Ciara and her son needed in her life and uses as inspiration to others.

Ciara isn’t the only one with a happily ever after ending, Cassie also had a past of her own that is a valuable lesson to girls that time means nothing as well. Cassie was with P. Diddy for ten years and when his past wife had passed away he expressed his deep love for her while being in a ten year relationship with Cassie, a whole decade. Even when he showed her off, bought her nice things and was public with their relationship publicly he said the mother of his children was the woman of his dreams and the one that was made for him. Right after this had occurred Cassie started dating her trainer Alex. They got pregnant, engaged and married and had another child with him all within the span of less than three years and living her best life. Selena Gomez was another celebrity who was in a relationship in the public eye and that reflected on her mental health and who she was as well. Her relationship with Justin was a relationship although they were a good fit together their separate happiness is a priority. Lastly, another relationship that has not changed not one bit is Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. There was a major difference in affection and love as to the time she was with Alex Rodriguez.

Time runs by so quickly with the people you spend it with, Although there are also places that make you feel like time means nothing as well. Working the same job year after year with no progress. Coming across an old friend, neighbor, classmate and nothing about their personality has changed or even their life. You’re allowed to change, grow and become a different person. Don’t allow the “time” to not allow yourself to become better. 

Timing is everything and anything can happen within a second whether if you  use it wisely time will go by like water. The time that you spent should be spent with good times because life is short, sweet and simple. Allow yourself to be wisely with who you spend it with before they spend a decade on you with no intentions of having the same goals as you in life. Doesn’t mean you both need to have the same mindset and perspective but understanding the quality of people you will have and the things you do. Remember it’s the little things while enjoying the company of yourself and others.

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