The Vessel

Manhattan which is known as downtown in New York City is known for its tall buildings and arts that the architects and engineers have built. People come from all over the world to discover what New York has to offer along with indulging in the food and learning the history. I, myself, live in New York and I appreciate “the city” so much and what it has to offer and the legacy it withstands.

 The last building that was built was The Vessel that I recall because new buildings will always be built as the time goes on. The Vessel reminds me of The World Trade Center because it has malls, restaurants and hosts many events throughout the year like the mini island. Although the memory of the one world trade center of the lives it has affected, The Hudson Yard has taken a toll on others as well. Since the opening of the building, Four people have committed suicide since the last one in August of 2021, the attraction has been closed to the public. Although it’s a beautiful attraction to enjoy with loved ones, it has become a reflection as to people’s lives and their perspective as to what they think that crosses their head in a place like this. Truthfully, when I think of the vessel I think of the beauty behind the architect of the building. I think of enjoying a meal and some shopping with loved ones or even by myself. Since the incidents that have happened the vessel has an admission of ten dollars and you cannot arrive by yourself preventing another life being taken away along with hiring extra staff and security while giving out information to people on how to get help. 

The vessel also reminds me of our important the job of blood vessels in our bodies the arteries, veins and capillaries. Blood vessel transport nurtients, oxygen and water. Each one has an important description to our body functions that works strongly with the blood. Arteries carries oxygen in our blood from the heart, They are very strong without these we are pronounced dead in a millimeter second. The veins return blood back to the heart. Capillaries surrounds body cells and tissues to deliver and absorb oxygen, nutrients and other substances. The capillaries also connect the branches of arteries and to the branches of veins. The design of the building is the meaning of the blood vessel and what it signifies because the job of the vessel located in manhattan is for dining and entertaining, its not the same thing but the structure of the building looks like the design of our blood vessel in our body vessel.

The vessel is a beauty but so is the mind we withhold. Life happens to each and every one of us and we should not take it lightly nor for granted the time we have on earth. I keep reflecting on the thoughts that these people could’ve had that led them to this situation. It could have been someone that was loved dearly in their life and held a significant role in their life as well. I wonder what mental health habits they were taking upon their life that could’ve been dealt with to  avoid these situations to happen, maybe a phone call away. This shouldn’t be a reminder but a lesson to not allow thought, things, places or even people leading you to do something like this. Mental Health is critical but very much vital. Take the necessary measures in order to take care of your mental health. The different things you could and can do is make time even if just a small window but make time for yourself, alone, enjoy something that brings you peace, surround yourself around people that doesn’t reflect your mental health. The problems we have will never go away until we take control of the situation as to what is going on, some things we have to let things flow and take it easy on ourselves. Those that had taken away their lives should have seen the meaning of life through the vessel towards within themselves. We need food, self care and many more to survive and live.

The vessel needs blood and other important jobs to accomplish the job to keep continue giving us life. Mental Health that could give us self care to release the stress can be taking a cooking class, listen to a podcast, instrumental music and deep coping mechanism breathing technique. Enjoy the waves of the beach, draw a painting and discover what kind of painting you can make. I’m not an expert, never, just like you. I get stressed and a l o t of it because a lot happens at once for me. My ways of coping are watching a series or movie. I would enjoy or getting a cup of starbucks. Starbucks was once my thing for a while for whenever I felt overwhelmed and the way I would get a Starbucks drink I think I deserve for a lifetime. I am learning to talk to my friends about what stresses me out because I once thought my stress, my problem but while talking it out to my friends I get to see the bigger picture. When I don’t know what I feel I usually write out my feelings. Writing is my therapy.  Taking care of our mental health allows ourselves to take the necessary measures and boundaries in order to take charge of our lives. Boundaries allow us to do what’s best for ourselves and our situation. Talk to someone that can help you a friend, neighbor, a close family member or even a medical professional who helps to understand and breakdown as to what is going on and find different ways to distress the problem, we may have lots of problems in our lives but we have the opportunity of walking them with someone besides us through the road ahead of us. The Vessel is an international well known building for the public to go see and enjoy and it is also a world mental health day reminder. This post was because of world mental health day that was on October 10th. If you’ve been to the vessel, share memories you created while being there and if not what are some stress relief actions you take to feel lighter. With that being said, thank you for reading, I appreciate it so much. virtual hugs and kisses and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Toodles ❤

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