Behind Scooby Doo

Watching cartoons as a child was elite. To this very day I will enjoy some cartoons for nostalgia, I literally was glued to the television. If you ask me, I was a die hard fan of disney channel and a little bit of nickelodeon from time to time. I watched these shows as a young child so my mother and I can learn english. I learned the language at school, and what helped me grasp it even better was through watching cartoons and children channels. Although public channels were what raised me as well as the TLC channel. Because of this channel, I wanted my own show one day because I personally felt like I can share my life and story as to who I am as a handicap person. I wanted to be open and transparent. Because of TLC I wanted to be an obstetrician as I grew older I did not have the heart to bring a baby into this world knowingly it would be put to rest again. My mother physically showed me this tv show to show me young girls having a baby, young teenagers, ages low as fourteen years old going through the experience with pain emotionally, mentally and physically going into labor. Sometimes during the week I would watch Spanish channels addicted to my telenovelas. I am not going to hold you but they were more entertaining than watching any children channel television. For the people that are about to scream I wasn’t supposed to watch telenovelas as a child, it’s for adults. I hope you comprehend to the fullest extent, there were telenovelas soap operas for children as well . For the majority of my Saturdays from like 8pm to 11pm if I wasn’t doing anything I would watch sabado gigante. It was a gaming and entertainment show. I remember I had a TV curfew and restrictions. Yes I had a strict parent. Since I had restrictions as to what I watched I remember my mother not allowing me to watch cartoon networks. My mother considered the majority of the channel to be violent, not for children, mostly for teenagers and young adults , a dark kind of channel.  My mother did not allow me to watch it due to the dark theme which had her thinking it would have bad behavior and violence into children, I’m guessing. Guys let me tell you, Mom if you’re reading, I’m sorry you had to learn about this in this way, However I had that with disney channel being the last channel when my mother walked in so I wasn’t caught watching the channel. Mom, again I’m sorry. Watching cartoon networks was really something else. Especially Scooby Doo. 

    Scooby Doo was a television show for kids to learn about mystery and the truth behind the crime takers. I didn’t take much thought of it as a child. I didn’t watch much of it. I watched it a handful of times because I thought it was really scary. However as an adult I grew up to see how everyone’s life changes as the times goes by. The actions and habits we take in along with the people we are surrounded by. People closest to you will steal from you, get you into trouble, without you realizing it can also be the killer of your death and along with other stuff that changes you through the circumstances. It shows you to be careful with the kind of steps you take into account in your life. 

    I came across an instagram post that reflected on the show based on scooby doo which inspired me to write and the post stated scooby doo was a beginning entrance to scary movies. I honestly think this definitely holds some truth as to scary movies because I do not like scary movies at all. I will be in tears wishing it was a classic love movie like Breakfast at tiffanys but if it is suspenseful with a really good plot twist story and along with a message behind it you will see me sitting on the couch being glued to it like a child or first dips at the movie theater. Although everything has a message but you know what I mean based on certain movies. I think the cartoon network itself was based on dark themes because the majority of the shows that they gave and I barely watch due to being really scared of it and my mother grounding me. My mother considered the majority of the channel to be violent, not for children, mostly for teenagers and young adults , a dark kind of channel. Cartoon network was not a channel for someone like me, not even as an adult I have a side of me that’s legit princessy, soft and gentle who deserves to be dressed in big dresses, pretty shoes, jewelry and ofcourse in a castle with many different duties as a queen of a town.

I wholeheartedly believe television inspires and feeds into our life and what we desire to have. The television shows that I’ve watched are light hearted with good music. 

Guys, what channels did you watch and what shows you really enjoyed watching as a child growing up?. As a child I was annoyed and bothered by the cooking channel because I felt it was very disrespectful for me to watch when my mother knows how to cook. Now as an adult I enjoy watching the cooking channel or anything relating to cooking because I want to learn different ways to cook because I am tired and exhausted eating the same meals all the time. Also I recommend to parents to engage into what your children are watching and interact with the storyline because it helps with dialogue, interaction, storyline and so much more of things I don’t know because I am not a licensed doctor to tell you just what I learned on my own. Don’t come for me guys. On that note, Thank you for taking time to read my blog post. Catch you on the next one, virtual hugs, toodles and peace out ❤ . 

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