Relationship With Money

    Being a parent means being there for your child until your last dying breath in whatever aspect they are needed with assistance. Parents are the education to their children based on what happens with their lifestyle. I say parents educate children based on what happens with their lifestyle because they teach them from right and wrong based on their lectures and actions. However the parent spends their money, the child learns how to spend and invest into their money properly. Based on different childhood; experiences brings different results. 

I have always been curious as to what age parents should stop supporting their children once they’ve reached over the legal ages between 18 through 21. Dr Dre is a multimillionaire who is financially secured. However, one of his children by the age of 38 and has children of her own and has gone to the blogs stating that her father has left her and her children to live in the streets and does not fully support her financially with a home and money. 

I, myself, as a 27 year old woman and daughter understand both sides. Hear me out before you start screaming at me. I understand Dr. Dre may be thinking that she is a grown person who can substantially support herself along with her children. The life she is living is not my responsibility, I did what I had to do for her as a child, she is over the legal age and a parent to be responsible for her lifestyle. He understands that he is supposed to provide for his child for a lifetime yet providing comes in different ways not just financially. 

As a daughter I can understand why she is saying “my father does not want to support me due to him having the means to take care of me.” As much as I understand her perspective, why can they both think of ways to help the current situation that she is facing. They both could’ve used his networks and brought in her ideas as to leading her into a bright future. He could’ve made her a savings account where she can have a home, vehicle and food (the basic needs) and give it to her when she is older or when she left the house. By her mistake she shouldn’t have ran to the blogs stating “daddy stopped the payments and isnt supporting me.” He most likely stopped as to seeing the way she moved her money. 

I understand as a parent you want to provide for your child, however the goal is to have the children to be financially independent when they have a family of their own.     

There are celebrities parents, well off parents and parents that are just passing by with money that support their child lifestyle to the fullest extent and there is parents that in some categories which does not support their children financially however support in different aspects as to a meal, fixed laundry, support and care as to with what they need help with. 

Celebrity parents that help their children to secure the bag are moms like Kris Jenner. Kris helps her children however she will not support their lifestyle unless they’re in trouble. Tina Knowles is a mom that is also like Kris Jenner, she fully helped her children to reach their fullest potential to secure the bag for their future children. The Mowry sisters are also in the same predicament. Although there are moms who fully supported their children to their potential.There are moms that did not have that opportunity and their children helped them out with their responsibilities like Cardi B. Cardi B came from different circumstances, she was not a child star nor was she born into riches however she takes care of her parents. Kobe Bryant was taking care of his in-laws until his passing. Vanessa had decided to cut her financial support and she also ran to the reporters as to what her daughter did to receive pity. Donald Trump children, The Simmons,  along with Paris Hilton each and every individual raised their parents money. There are also parents who will not pass their fortunes to their children as they consider the next generation when they have died. These people like bill gates, warren buffett,george lucas, mark zuckerberg, jackie chang and simon cowell. The parents that aren’t financially up the scale like these people and their children live with them or not. Some children contribute to the bills because their parents aren’t financially secure. They help with the food shopping, some bills, rent and other responsibilities to be taken care of.   

    My parents do not support me, I financially support myself to the fullest extent, matter of fact I help my mom from time to time, I give her cash, support as to helping with food, errands and chores. The days that I provide her with anything I don’t expect her to give me anything in return. I don’t expect my parents to do anything for me, my favorite quote of all time is “if you were born poor, not your fault, if you die poor, your fault.” Whatever works for your household, works. There’s no right or wrong. Just working what’s best for you. Whether you’re a millionaire or not. Would you support your children to the end of times or would you want them to support you ? Do you make your children contribute to the bills or do you contribute to their “exit plan”? If they’re home for college or working and living with you would you let them ride or ride to help you ?. Also, before I end this, Do you think it was okay for her to run to the blogs stating that her father stopped supporting her financially and that her lifestyle has gone downhill? Was he forced to or did she harassed him before so he doesn’t stop with giving her the money 

         Thank you for reading and for your time. Virtual hugs, toodles and peace out my friends. 

2 Replies to “Relationship With Money”

  1. I think that going to the blogs likely had an opposite affect. Instead of him wanting to help her he likely is more in favor of his decision not to. Different parents provide different lifestyles. I just hope that in the end all of us find our way to wealth.

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    1. I can see your perspective as to making his decision due to not wanting to assist her. Money brings different sides of people in relationships. Yes girl, I hope all of us find our ways to wealth. Wealth is Health.


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