I remember as a kid I used to love playing all sorts of games with my friends and classmates. We used to find any little thing playing as a game to entertain ourselves during the meantime. We didn’t really look into the meaning of the game although they were those scary mirror games we tried our best to not play with because of demons appearing. As I grew up I started to realize that one of the games that I played as a child, had a deeper meaning than it being a regular game. 

One of the games I used to enjoy playing was hangman. Hangman was a game that helped with critical thinking. While playing the game I loved the suspense of thinking of letters to figure out the word, I used to feel like I was on the game show called countdown. The game hangman is a game that is played for vocabulary and if they don’t get the correct letters for the correct words for it then you will be hanged. Therefore this game is similar as to being verbal and emotional abuse and suicide.

    The game refers to suicide because it shows words cut deeper more than just the surface. The game is to guess the correct word and if you don’t get the correct letters, then something from the body would be removed or crossed out. So if you don’t get any wrong words then you don’t kill the hangman. There is truth behind this because the words can let into someone taking actions as to killing themselves. Yet alone look at the name of the game. It’s called hangman. It means you’re going to hang a man for not getting the letters correct. Suicide is a deadly weapon that many don’t realize the actions behind it until its done. The actions that lead to suicide it comes in the form of bullying or any other type of abuse being recollected as the times go by. As many don’t think but words are powerful and we have power in our tongue to make things exist. As the bible states you breathe life or death with your words. As Nicki Minaj states in her feature on I’m getting ready on Tasha Cobbs song she said she breath success in and out of my lungs, got the power of life and death coming out my tongue. We have the power to be kind and understanding to others. When we say bad things to others even if we don’t mean it because we are saying it without any meaning our actions can also lead to being part of the crime. Our actions, verbal actions, were the responsibility of the crime. We led someone into killing themselves for whatever reason. The people that leads the victim into suicide is usually calling someone ugly, fat, different, loser, failure and so much more. Majority of the things we are calling someone out on are things that usually cant be changed. So by calling someone an ugly word doesn’t change the heart you have. You have the power to change someone’s perspective of themselves. So in exchange say something kind, thoughtful, positive and upbringing to their mood and self esteem.

    I remember when I was bullied at school because I wasn’t the prettiest or the flyest or just because I was one of the smartest ones in the classroom, even worse because I was disabled. It felt uncomfortable, I felt at my lowest and not much could’ve changed because it was my features because that’s just who I am and my mother couldn’t afford those types of clothing. Thankfully those didnt amount to leading myself into suicide however I did feel uncomfortable, not wanting to be seen and embarrassed which led to myself crying. I remember I would tell my mom and my mom went to school a couple times. Did it stop? Nope cause then I caused other problems as to be called a snitch. As to what happened to me I can understand why those words lead to those actions. Those words do not add up to the beauty someone has within themselves. The person that usually says and does mean things to people that causes bullying is usually and majoritity of the time is battling with something at home or in their inner thought world or someone has caused them to become a bully themselves. 

Guys truth be told, I did not know about this week’s questions, thoughts or ideas in all honesty to keep it light this week, say a positive affirmation or quote down below so we can motivate and inspire one another to be better citizens within our world. 

This month is suicide prevention , Suicide prevention is prevent these circumstances from happening. Along with being world suicide prevention to show the awareness as to the lives being taken away from suicide within our world as a whole. This month alone is dedicated to National Suicide Prevention. With this kind of awareness we can hopefully have the suicide rates to be lowered with each time. I have a voice on my blog. I might have a tiny small one but it’s there and I have it. Knowingly with my blog I will share so much awareness to the best of my ability. I am one person but with others we can be a force, a community, team or whatever it is you want to call it but we can help by spreading joy, positively to each and every one of us. 

If there’s anyone you would like to speak to, my DMs on instagram are open, you can gladly send me an email, comment below and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to hear, hope ya have a good one, see ya till next time. Virtual hugs, toodles and peace out my friends ❤

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