The Essence Of Companion

We grow up surrounded by people, some come and stay for the rest of our lives and some we have to learn to cherish the love we have from a distance. Our company is the people we are connected as family in our dna. Others are family created by the love and connection that is made with one another that sometimes that a bond cant be created by blood. Blood is thicker than water for some and for others water holds stronger than blood. It does not matter if your company is connected by family or friends. Your surroundings make a huge influence within some of your lifestyle. Your company is what keeps your boat from rocking or you make it rock together by creating memories.

Companionship is another level of intimacy and a bond that holds value in our lives. After watching a couple of television shows throughout the years, I’ve caught onto an idea of what companionship is. When I watch shows like friends, the office, gossip girl, grey’s anatomy, sex and the city and other shows as I was growing up like Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire, Madeline; I’ve noticed a particular interaction in the characters. The gossip girl cast had each other, Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nathaniel, Lonely boy, Lilly, Rufus. Lizzie had miranda and gordon, Hannah had Lilly and Oliver, Meredith had Yang, Stevens, Karev, O’Malley, Bailey, Torres and Jackson to name a few, In the show Friends it was Rachel, Ross, joey, chandler, Monica and phoebe, Jane The Virgin, Jane had her mom, dad, grandmother, lovers, friends and coworkers. Golden girls were the ladies’ life as senior citizens after retirement,  full house it was a family and friends involving the growth of the children, boy meets world it was kids who went to together from elementary school to college, along with sister sister who was twin sisters finding out they was sister as preteens and doing life together in the same household after they found out they’re adopted. Whether it was a 90s or modern television show Overall, I noticed that companionship and friendship is important. I have also noticed the same with those in my life and in the lives of others. I can promise you that I am not a master at this. However, companionship is an important thing in society. As people we have, we want and we need. 

Covid locked down, cdc guidelines and six feet distance allowed us to see how much of an impact we have on each other day to day. The restriction to quarantine had a major impact on our social interaction. The hugging and kissing turned into elbow pows. 

I realized that the people in our lives are a reflection of our inner world of expression, insecurities and individuality in society. Companionship is a bridge of common interest, likes, chemistry, connectedness and enjoying the company of others. There is a quote that I have a love and hate relationship with, LOL. The quote is “Tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are”. This may hold truth to a certain extent but I am here to debate that life gives you different walks of life. You can be a doctor and your best friend can be a lazy, life of the party who can’t hold a job together or a millionaire. You can be a teacher in the suburbs and have friends who are entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors in Hollywood. Although I can agree that your friends’ careers reflect your lifestyle which eventually ends up affecting your bank account statements.

On our first day of school, our major concern is did we make any friends, are we cool enough, is the teacher friendly and how will the relationships turn out. Whether we make friends or not, our first companion is our parent or guardian. The first five years of your life your company is your parents, family, neighborhood friends and or caregiver. Although we make companions at school or work, we can also meet them at events, stores, neighborhoods, coffee shops, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, parties which are cliche meets up and even the oddest way to meet someone. Some of your deepest connections are usually met based on common grounds and similar interests such as homeless shelters, AA Meeting, Jail, prisons. 

As we mature our relationship with others evolves as we go through life and who we hang with branches through the transition of each season; some friendships are forever, and some are just for a  moment. 

The companies in our lives are vital. The coworkers you have at work may not be your “friends” but they keep you company while working and you do interact with one another. Work family is a different type of bond that makes or breaks your environment at work. It’s so important that these types of relationships have the ability to make you quit or stay at a job because you are spending the majority of your time with them. 

The Office show is a reflection of how much you bond with your co-workers. Some people have work husband or wife, sisters, brothers. Some go to the extent of calling their boss or manager “mom” due to a deep connection. 

The company we will always have in our lives for the rest of our days are our very own blood family. We call them mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle. Because of the blood bond we hold on to things tighter than someone we aren’t connected by DNA. They hold our companionship in our life whether it’s our younger, middle or late in our years we seem to connect to them. Although they are lucky to be connected with their companionship by blood, some of us connect by water and although there isn’t a chemical balance that holds us together the water flows as deep as the ocean because of the connection that holds us together. Having them by our side through thick and thin, ups and downs and whatever roller coaster rides we go through in our life; mean a lot to us. When we have issues in our love life, work, hobby, home, or any kind of problems we come to these people we call our companions. We call to be heard, seen and understood . Aside from romantic companion our platonic companies we indulge because we feel our most comfortable selves with them just like love and sex, we have a glow when we spend it with our favorite companies.

Without a doubt there may be some disagreements and petty fights but as soon as you realize how much of a major impact they have in your life; you naturally look forward to having them around and reuniting with them. Through social media, society and our lives we see that our loved ones hold us together because team work makes the dream work. I am leaving you with this question, who’s your company? What’s your favorite thing about your companionship and how did you meet them? Until my next blog post, the internet hugs, toodles, peace out people. 

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